Take Five: Top Five Local Aussie Acts By What So Not

Written by Clodagh Mangan on 3rd July, 2024
Take Five: Top Five Local Aussie Acts By What So Not

Aussie producer and DJ What So Not, the alias of Chris Emerson, is renowned for his electrifying beats and boundary-pushing productions. He has carved a distinct place in the electronic scene, giving us an array of infectious dancefloor anthems! We are stoked to sit down with Chris as he takes us through his top five local Aussie acts with under 5k followers!

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Words by What So Not:


Can't get past her genuine passion and bubbly energy every time I see her pay! She knows every riff of every unreleased ID! A tasteful music fan and performer!

Jack Blom

Is this one of Australia's next big exports?! Not only causing involuntary audience moans at each drop moment in his sets, the biggest reactions seem to be coming from his own curve ball original productions.


Mincy is a god darn weapon. Woah. Not only killer productions, but seamless high energy sets that have floors erupting. Technically Mincy has 7k follower, but hey! Cant blame a girl for blowing up so quick!

Ali James

LEVELED the room in Brisbane. This kid surely heading to Europe ASAP with his dominant Hard Techno edits and originals. Make sure you don't miss him before he's outta here! Or maybe build some nights around this style locally to keep these talented kids here a little longer?


Incredible lush edits and productions! So excited to see his set on my tour. I might have to replay a couple of his heaters in my own set.